Business Management

We offer full service business management, keeping you well informed of your financial picture while freeing you to be creative. We keep a constant pulse on your financial situation, whether it’s analyzing how your investments are doing to assisting you in buying a home, a vehicle, planning for college, retirement or leaving your charitable legacy.

We strive to provide you with guidance to protect you and everything you love. It’s a complicated financial world with laws, rules and regulations that are only increasing in complexity. We provide you with all the information and best advice available from experts in tax, insurance, and employment issues so you can make decisions to benefit you and your family.



For those individuals whose careers are just developing we can offer sound advice based on over thirty years of experience in the entertainment industry. We can assist you in addressing your immediate needs and begin setting a course to reach your financial goals.

We have an expansive network of professionals in every aspect of the entertainment industry who can help guide you in making crucial decisions.


Building Your Team

We understand that as a creative artist in the entertainment field or a high net worth individual you need to partner with experts who understand the business, financial trends and issues, and that can use that knowledge to benefit you. Over our many years in the Business Management field we have built strong relationships with attorneys, agents, bankers, and brokers.

We can work with your team or assist you in building one so that we may collaborate to simplify your financial options and together ultimately make sound decisions to protect, preserve and grow your financial future based on your goals and aspirations